As you know, smartphones have become an important part of living our daily lives. You could even say that smartphones have become a necessity for digitally literate people.5 surefire ways to choose a smartphone.

Therefore, now many HP credit applications without a DP offer easy payment, by buying now and paying later. For example, Kredivo, which has collaborated with Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Blibli, Erafone, iBox, Digimap, and thousands of other merchants, can use HP credit, with a low-interest rate of 0% for 30 days pay later and 3 months installments, as well as a longer tenor of 6 and 12 months, with low interest of 2.6% per month.

However, don’t think about all these conveniences that you want to buy a smartphone just according to your wishes without knowing your daily needs so that the cellphone you buy can be more useful and last longer. 

The following are 5 surefire ways to choose a smartphone that needs to be checked and adjusted as needed:

1. Pay attention to RAM size: For those who like multitasking

Nowadays, the average smartphone already has RAM with a large enough capacity, starting at 3GB. So, if you like multitasking, it’s better to avoid smartphones with 2GB RAM capacity, even though the price is indeed affordable. 

For people who are more multitasking using a smartphone, starting from taking photos and videos, social media, gaming, or taking care of work via a smartphone, choosing a smartphone with jumbo RAM is highly recommended. 

However, if you have a limited budget, several types of affordable entry-level and mid-range smartphones also have a larger RAM capacity.

Some examples are the latest Xiaomi Redmi 10 5G which is priced at IDR 2 million and 6GB of RAM. There is also the latest Samsung Galaxy A54 5G which costs IDR 5.9 million with 8 GB of RAM.

2. Check Processor Type: For those who like gaming

The processor is the “brain” of the smartphone. The performance level of a smartphone is also influenced by the type of processor used. The more sophisticated and updated the processor type, the better the performance. 

Typically, sophisticated processor types are used in mid-range to flagship smartphones. Of course, smartphones with sophisticated processors are also quite expensive, ranging from IDR 7 million and above. 

If you are looking for a new cellphone that is suitable for gaming, it is recommended to do research on the latest processor types and the types of cellphones available. One example is Xiaomi 12 which uses the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 which costs IDR 6 million. 

3. Composition and Camera Quality: For Those Who Like Photography

For those of you who like photography and videography using a smartphone camera, the current type of smartphone is also capable, of a triple or quad-camera composition. In addition, various AI features and features that can stabilize portraits, and sharpen and clarify photos also vary for the type of smartphone.

4. Memory Capacity and External Memory Support: For those who do business online

Internal memory is a component that is relied on and also needs to be considered when buying a new cell phone. Especially if you choose an Android-based smartphone. Apart from ensuring that the smartphone has sufficient internal memory as needed, there is also a slot that supports external memory as well. Especially if you use a cell phone for work, for example online business. 

Unlike Android, the iPhone is a type of cellphone that doesn’t have external memory support. As a result, if you use an iPhone, make sure you buy an iPhone with a large enough memory or buy iCloud as additional memory.

5. Battery Capacity & Fast Charging Support: For those who like mobile

Nowadays, the average smartphone has a battery capacity of 5,000 mAh. Several types of smartphones are also equipped with a larger battery capacity, plus support for fast charging which can fill them up in less than 1 hour. Usually, the fast charging feature can be found on mid-range to flagship smartphones. 

Smartphones of this type are perfect for those of you who are mobile and want to be practical in your daily activities without relying on a power bank or wall socket. 

The more sophisticated the components and specifications, usually the price will also be higher. If you have prepared a special budget to buy a new cellphone but don’t want to pay cash all at once, it’s better to take advantage of an HP credit application without a DP, such as Kredivo.

Download the Kredivo application on the Play Store or Apps Store on your smartphone, then get a maximum limit of up to IDR 30 million to buy the smartphone you need.