Hello, have a good day! Still,, come there with my post about some best baby monitors in 2020. And today, I will talk about some best cheap baby monitors for those who want to save money or do not want to pay so much for them. I think this is an interesting topic because not all of us can afford a high-end and expensive baby monitor. And sometimes, it’s not necessary when we have many bills to pay for. But no matter how hard, we should have a baby monitor to ensure safe and sound for our dear baby. This is the reason why I write this topic – to help you find some best cheap baby monitors.

However, when it comes to baby monitors, there’s an overwhelming number of options, brands, models, functions, and features that you are not sure whether you need or not. So, you take a long time to find the answer to the question of what is the best baby monitor in the market instead of finding the best baby monitor for your unique situation. The best place to start is by deciding what’s important to you: the price range that you can afford, its function to ensure your baby is safe, the type of baby monitor you want (audio, Wifi, or video baby monitor), or something like that.

Here below, I list out five of the best cheap baby monitors under $100 including an audio baby monitors, video baby monitors, and even Wi-Fi baby monitors. All are in a suitable price range but own different features that are suitable for each unique situation. So, you should read each and weigh it carefully before choosing.

Should I buy a cheap baby monitor?

This is a very normal question I hear from parents. Some parents worry about the quality of cheap baby monitors. And I think this worry is reasonable. However, there are many baby monitors in the market with good quality but at reasonable prices. The key problem here is how can you choose the best cheap baby monitors among thousands of options? Let’s me talk about it.Should I buy a cheap baby monitor?

When I rate for the best cheap baby monitors, I base one some criteria like: how much is it? What it bring to us? Are what it brings to us and how many we pay balance? You know that, no manufacturer want to bankrupt because of manufacturing high quality product and offering a very low price. So, should you buy a cheap baby monitors? Yes, of course if you cannot afford for a high-end and expensive one. But let’s keep some features of a best cheap baby monitors in your mind:

  • Made from normal material
  • Basic functions and features

And, when you buy a cheap baby monitor, let’s think about your motive after purchasing. Don’t look for a cheap baby monitor with full of features like a high-end one. Just focus on what you need and choose the best one on this factor.

Common features of Best baby monitor under $100

Generally, when you buy a baby monitor with low price, don’t expect much on it for advanced technologies. Truth me! It doesn’t mean that a cheap baby monitor is not good. But I want to say that its price should be same to what it brings. Among thousands of choice, we chose 5 models of best baby monitor under $100 and found that: a best and cheap baby monitors often offer basic function and are added with only one or two remarkable features. Best baby monitor under $100 models often offers these following common features:

  • Two way communication: a good baby monitor should have this function which allows you to soothe or talk to your baby
  • Night vision: nowadays, almost baby monitors own this feature.
  • Compact and easy to set up and use

Detail review for best cheap baby monitors

1. VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor

VTech is famous brand in baby care products. They manufacture audio, video and Wi Fi baby monitors with various choices for you. DM111 is one featured audio baby monitor of this brand.

When open the box, I see simple parts like it should be: a baby unit with power cord, a parent unit with power cord and a user’s manual. The base unit cannot be used with battery and you have to plug it into an outlet. But the parent unit can be used with AAA batteries or plugged into an outlet.

Now, I list out some pros and cons of this VTech DM111


  • Perform well

In this attractive price range, around 20$, VTech DM111 really works well. The range is good (around 1000ft) and clear sound. I can hear clear what is going on even when I am in down-stair and I place the base unit in up stair.

Moreover, when the surrounding is noise, I can increase the volume to clearly hear the sounds, and decrease again if I want. Another remarkable point I really appreciate is that LED sound indicator with 5 levels. When I have to mute the monitor unit, this function is really helpful. I can visually monitor the level of sound in baby room.

  • Compact and portable

This best audio baby monitor is very compact with only 1 pound in weight. Moreover, I really like the belt clip which lets me easily move around home.


  • Not very long lasting battery

The only one thing I don’t like about this is not very long lasting battery. Manufacturer says that battery life can be up to 20 hours but in actual, it just last around 13 hours. However, AAA battery is cheap and easy to buy so you don’t need to worry about this. Moreover, you can plug it into outlet, so there is nothing terrible with battery issue.

In conclusion, when talking about this VTech DM111, I just use three words: compact, affordable and work well to describe about it. With how many I have pay for it and what I receive from it make me so amazing.

This model VTech DM111 has another style called DM111-2. This offers two separate parent units. This style will be helpful when your partner also wants to have his/her own device to “double” monitor your baby.

2. VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor

This model seems like a upgraded of model DM111. There is no big change in design, still compact and simple with parent unit and base unit. So, are there any things special in this DM221? Let’s find out some advantages and disadvantages:


  • Work well

VTech DM221 is added with many advanced features in comparison with previous model DM111. One of that, DECT 6.0 technology is very helpful in reducing interference sounds in baby room. So parent will hear baby’s sound clearly. Moreover, 1000 ft range is really impressive. Hence, you can walk around home, and still hear your baby.

  • Convenient

One more thing brings further comfort and convenience to me is two-way communication function of this DM221 while DM111 doesn’t have. When I hear my baby is in touch time by DM111, I have to go to baby room but for DM221, I can talk back to my child to calm his down.

5-level sound indicator also helps me much in monitor sounds in baby’s room, especially when I put parent unit in mute.

  • Portable

Manufacturer says that parent unit can last for about 19 hours with battery using but in fact it can last about 15 hours in constantly using. However, this battery can be rechargeable or can be replaced by AAA batteries so you should store some AAA batteries.

One more thing, this DM221 is also equipped with belt clip which allows people to bring it around; and nightlight which help people to realize the monitor when the lights go out.


  • Battery needs charged all day to have full battery life
  • You cannot turn of the nightlight when you want

Sometimes, I find this nightlight disturb. But I cannot turn it off. However, I think it is not big problem because this light from it is light.

3. Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera HB24

The next model in our list of best cheap baby monitors is Hello Baby HB24. Unlike VTech DM221 and DM11, this one is a video baby monitor with many nice features. However, its price is in good range, of course. Below are its pros and cons:


  • Good quality of range, sound and video

In this price range, HB24 is really a best cheap video baby monitor. Its range is up to 96 ft; during test, we never lose its signal. Its sound and video is not really excellent but good. I can hear and see clearly. In condition of good light, there is no grainy or pixelated texures. However, there is a problem that sometimes it automatically turns to night vision mode while the light is quite efficient. However, its night vision images are good so I think this is acceptable.

  • Excellent battery life

Its battery lasts for up to 9 hours in constantly using. Although there are many other baby monitors with better battery life, however, HB24’s battery is excellent in its price range

  • Expandable up to 4 cameras for better monitoring

Hello Baby HB24 allows people to add more up to 4 cameras. Therefore, if you are expecting your family to grow with time or you want to keep vigil on more than one area of your house or you have more than one child in your house, you can expend your existing HelloBaby baby monitor system.

  • Nice features

Besides above remarkable points, I am satisfied with Hello Baby HB24 while it provides temperature monitoring and sends me warning if the room turns too hot or too cold. Moreover, two-way communication is also equipped, together with pan/ tilt and digital zoom and lullabies playing.


  • Manual pan/tilt

While I am so happy when this one of best cheap baby monitors has pan and tilt function, I realize that I have to do it manually. So, I think it will be more suitable for those who have newborn rather than toddlers who often run around the room.

  • Sometimes goes to night vision even when there is sufficient light in the room

As I said above, I don’t know why this happened. But when I read comments on Amazon, no one faces to this. Hope that it just happens on my camera.

Overall, I am totally satisfied with what HB24 brings to me. So nice, so cheap and so reliable. You might think that why it provides many nice features while it has low price? I think it just provides basic and needed functions that suit everyone. Moreover, plastic material may be the factor that makes it cheaper.

4. LeFun Wireless Camera Baby Monitor

The next product comes from Lefun is a wifi baby monitor. Many people think that they cannot buy a wifi baby monitor if they have low income. However, it is wrong. Many Wi fi baby monitor has reasonable price for you to choose. And Lefun Wifi baby monitor is one of those.

This is a user-friendly camera that anyone can use. Besides baby monitor, you can use it as a security camera.


  • Easy to set up and use

While other Wi Fi baby monitor often need many steps to set up and connect the cameras with monitor unit, Lefun baby monitor is very easy to set up. You can connect the camera to your WiFi router using the WPS function in just one button press. Then, download for free the app and use.

  • Stay connected with multiple users function

Lefun allows you to share video and invite partners or anyone to watch your baby. This is very convenient because family members can watch baby at the same time.

  • Further convenient with remote pan/tilt

Remote pan and tilt function is often seen on high-end baby monitor. However, Lefun makes an exception. In a cheap price range like this, you can remotely change the camera angle horizontally or vertically to scan the room.

This one of best cheap baby monitors also provides good quality of night vision video as well as two-way communication, motion detection and 64GB SD card. So, I find it very basic and convenient.


  • You must have a WPS WiFi Router to configure or use Ethernet Cable Instead

5. Palermo Wifi Video Baby monitor

The last one in the list of best cheap baby monitors is a product from Palermo. It’s also a Wifi video baby monitor which allows parents to monitor their baby wherever they are with internet connection. Its pros and cons:

  • Simple and basic

This baby monitor provides very basic features but still erases your worries with reliably monitoring. I find it has good video quality in condition of efficient light in the room (720p HD video quality).

It also provides talk back function to help you stay connected with your family or soothe your baby if needed.

This cheap wifi baby monitor also offers users with remote pan (355 degree) and tilt (110 degree).Therefore, you can scan your room and monitor both your baby and environment around him with this function.


  • Not very good images at night vision mode. 

However, I can still see. I think it does not matter me. 

6. Beleef Video Baby Monitor

Beleef is not very famous but this best baby monitor under $100 from Beleef is really remarkable. With the price only around 60$, Beleef brings customers multiple features to ensure baby safe and sound.

2.0″ Delicate Screen, with this monitor, you can talk and see baby promptly wherever in bedroom, kitchen, garden, or yard. It will save your time and increase working efficiency. Just imagine you no longer need to get up to check your baby at night but a better sleep. No need to worry when you are not around baby any more, you are well known all about your baby with this in hand. It can greatly amplify your action space and improved the life of freedom and flexibility.


  • Easy to install and set up

A common point for these 5 models of best baby monitor under $100 is that easy to install and set up. And Beleef video baby monitor is not an exception. Just plug and press the peer button on the back of baby unit, it will get connect automatically, and there you go. I am not very good at technical issues but I can install this one by myself when my husband is out of home

  • VOX mode

VOX mode sometimes helps me very much, especially when I cannot plug the monitor into outlet.

  • Long range digital signal

Up to 850 ft


  • Short battery life

It lasts for only 2 hours. But thanks to VOX mode, it can extend to around 3 hours.

7. GHB Baby Monitor

GHB baby monitor is one of the cheapest models among best baby monitor under $100. In such price range, I do not expect many high advanced technologies on it. However, what it brings are very nice.

You may find some normal functions of a good baby monitor on it such as: two way talk which allows you to talk back to your baby first to soothe him/her when he/she is crying that you can see or hear via the monitor; night vision function anable you to keep an eye on your baby all night in your bedroom, you will no need to go to baby’s room, which may wake up your baby. The portable battery for parent unit will help you very much in this case. Its battery can last for around 5 hours and before you fall in sleep, it’s enough for you. However, to keep it on the whole night, you so have plug-in outlet near your bed and plug it in; temperature function and music are also helpful.


  • Easy to set up.

Plug and play, very easy to install this wireless baby monitor. 2.0″ inch LCD color display is convenient for parent to see baby anytime

  • Compact

Both parent unit and monitor screen of this baby monitor are very compact. The screen size is only 2.0’’ and baby unit also doesn’t take large space.


  • Not very good image at night. However, it’s acceptable. I still can see everything with night vision, but it’s a little bit grainy.

8. Minilabo Video Baby Monitor

Minilabo has many types of baby monitor and they focus on high quality baby monitors, in which, the Wi Fi baby monitor is the most significant one. I list here its pros and cons:

For a wifi baby monitor with nice features like this Minilabo, the price around 80$ or 100$ is really a good price range. There are many types of audio baby monitor which limits in features, are also in same price range. So if you are considering a cheap one but great function, you can choose Minilabo wifi baby monitor.


  • Lifetime manufacture’s guarantee

You know that there is very limited manufactures who offer money back guarantee like Minilabo.

  • Eco mode

The very remarkable thing which I very like is its eco mode. This eco mode will help you to reduce sound interference by choosing eco mode low. This is very helpful if you use fan or sound machine in nursery room.

  • Good night vision
  • Expandable cameras (up to 4 cameras)


In general, I have no complains about this baby monitor. If I have to point out one, it may be small screen size. Others are good. With over 70% of customers who used this baby monitor rated 5 stars for it, I think they are also satisfied like I am.


Above is 5 best cheap baby monitors I want to introduce to you today. They are simple but complete well all tasks they offer. Once again, I think cheap baby monitors are still good, but you should know how to choose the best one for you. These best cheap baby monitors are suitable for everyone, however if you have two children or a growing family, a baby monitor with 2 cameras will be more suitable. Some Motorola baby monitor models like MBP43-2 or MBP36 are right for you in this situation.

Besides these above baby monitors, if you want to look for a good audio baby monitor as VTech DM221 or DM11 in affordable price, you can consider Angelcare AC401 review for more suggestion.

Now, I would like to end my post here. And hope that I will meet you again in next post Best Long Range Baby Monitors. Thank you for reading!