Usually, it is assumed that females are more curious about their hairs. But men are not behind in caring for their hairs, especially who are facing hair loss problem. Japanese shampoos are popular for providing natural shine and growth as well as good in cleaning the hairs.

Some people ignore the importance of shampoo and select the shampoo without knowing about the properties and ingredients. They think that shampoo is necessary to clean the dust from the hairs. But shampoo provides many other benefits that we discuss in the below section.

In this article, we select the top 15 Japanese shampoos and let you know about their specialty and various other benefits for hairs. It helps you to select the right shampoo for your hair and make your hair healthy in a natural way. Let’s take a look at them.

15 Best Japanese Shampoo

  1  Shiseido TSUBAKI Extra Moist Shampoo

Shiseido Tsubaki is a famous Japanese shampoo brand that offers extra moisture for hairs. It is specifically prepared for dry hair, and various high-quality oils are used in it as an ingredient. These oils are absorbable by the skin and hairs, as well as helps to keep them moist for a long time in the hairs.

This shampoo provides a smooth and soft texture to hairs. Also, it helps the users to get long-lasting manageability. It works very well for different hair lengths and types. For example, users can use it either for curly or straight hair.

The shampoo bottles are made up of high-quality plastic material and provide a semi see-through look that enables the users to know about the shampoo level in the bottle.

Key Features:

  • Key Ingredients: Tsubaki flower is a key ingredient of this shampoo that is rich in linoleic and oleic. Both these are an excellent option for skin and hairs with easy to absorb feature.
  • Elegant Scent: It comes with an elegant scent of honey, camellia, and various types of foods, including high-quality floral honey.
  • Easy Refilling: It comes in a pump bottle that enables the users to refill easily by opening the pump cap. But you have to purchase the refilling separately that comes in 300ml packing.
  • Perfect for hair nourishment
  • Easy to get rid of frizzy hair
  • Extra moisture for hairs
  • Little expensive

   2    ICHIKAMI Smooth And Sleek Shampoo And Conditioner

ICHIKAMI is famous for providing high-quality hair care products to users from around the world. ICHIKAMI introduces its shampoo and conditioner in a single packing with a 480ml shampoo bottle and 480gm conditioner bottle.

It is an authentic product from Japan that comes in a fresh, light, and flowery scent. It is not a natural and paraben-free shampoo, but it delivers your desired results. It helps you to get smooth and silky hairs and comes with root extracts of the Belamcanda chinensis plant. This root extraction is typically used to treat infection and inflammation. Also, it is famous for having conditioning properties.

Furthermore, the ingredients comprise Tea-lauroyl sarcosinate that is excellent for hair cleaning. Also, it is a perfect foaming agent.

Key Features:

  • Rice Ferment Filtrate: It comes with rice ferment filtrate that is perfect for repairing and moisturizing the hairs. It is mostly used in Japanese skincare products.
  • Sulfate-Free Conditioner: The conditioner is free from sulfate, but it comes with silicones. These are used to make a layer on hair cuticles that is beneficial to prevent damage from water solvents.
  • Easy To Wash: Both shampoo and conditioners are easy to wash with water. Also, the small amounts of both are enough to serve long hairs.
  • No-cones
  • Pleasant scent
  • Doesn’t feel like straw
  • Comes with parabens

   3    Cosmeist & Honey Shampoo And & Conditioner

Cosmeist owns a wide range of hair and skincare products. Cosmeist is operating in this industry for a long time and provides its products to users from around the world. The combination of shampoo and conditioner is beneficial for improvement in organic hair.

The shampoo from cosmeist comes with a combination of three different types of honey. Manuka honey from New Zealand, Manuka honey from New Zealand, and Japanese Raw Honey are mixed with a ratio of 50%, 30%, and 20%, respectively.

Usually, shampoos come with a mixture of various irritating chemicals and preservations. Also, it is free from sulfates, parabens, and other harsh ingredients.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Ingredients: Besides honey, the formula of shampoo comprises of argan oil, royal jelly, and Moroccan organic oil. The inclusion of these oils makes it perfect, especially for curly hairs.
  • Intense Hydration: The combination of useful ingredients makes it a perfect moisturizer. It moisturizes very well from hair roots to hair tips as well as helps to repair strands and restore the natural shine of hairs.
  • Gentle Cleanser: It is easy to get rid of dirt by using the combination of this shampoo and conditioner. It works like a cleanser that not only removes dirt and dust but also useful to treat dead skin cells and other contaminants.


  • All-natural blend
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Maintains fragrance on your strands
  • Expensive

   4   Shiseido Super Mild Hair Care Set

Shiseido introduces its super mild hair care set that comprises of shampoo and condition in a quantity of 600ml each in pump bottles. As we mentioned earlier, Shiseido is the most popular Japanese brand. This pack of shampoo and conditioner from Shiseido is specifically formulated to keep the feeling of hydrated and healthy hairs without irritation of tangles.

It helps to keep the natural shine as well as smoothness and keep the hairs clean without creating a disturbance with hair’s natural oils. It comes with double super moist vitamin E that not only keeps the dryness and friction away from your hair. But also beneficial to control dandruff and restore the hairs naturally.

Key Features:

  • AMT Protection: The inclusion of AMT protection helps to retain the nutrients in the hairs while washing. The creamy lather shampoo helps to wash the hairs, and the conditioner is used to lock the essential nutrients.
  • Mild Formulation: It comes with mild formulation with low fragrance for people who don’t like overwhelming scent. Also, it is safe to use for sensitive scalps.
  • Easy To Refill: It is easy to refill the pump bottle, but you have to purchase refilling separately.
  • Safe for color-treated hairs
  • Good for thick African hairs
  • Affordable
  • Hair sticking problem

   5    Lux Rumini-Ku Dame-Ziripea Pump X Pair

Lux is a popular manufacturer of various skin and hair care products. The product line of lux comprises soap, shampoo, conditioner, and various other products. Numerous users from around the world trust on lux products; that’s why this brand remains in demand all the time.

This pack of shampoo and conditioner from lux specifically designed for damaged hairs. It protects not only the damaged hairs but also them smooth and silky. The non-silicon shampoo helps to wash the hairs while the conditioner provides treatment to damaged hairs.

This shampoo and conditioner are perfect to use for daily use to get multi-sensorial and beautiful hairs.

Key Features:

  • Organic Certified Jojoba Oil: The inclusion of jojoba oil as an ingredient is useful to clean the scalp as well as hairs and keep them fresh and healthy.
  • Non-Silicone Lather: It comes with a relaxing non-silicon lather that is an excellent option to keep the natural moisturizer of hairs while washing.
  • Oil Extracted Ingredients: Beside jojoba oil, it comes with oil obtained from Damascus rose that is famous for its exquisite fragrance and exceptional moisturizing qualities.
  • Nourishes hairs
  • Anti-bacterial formulation
  • Deep cleaning
  • Very low fragrance

   6    MyKirei By Kao Japanese Tsubaki & Rice Water Nourishing Shampoo

MyKirei is famous for manufacturing natural products for skin and hair care. The products of MyKirei include shampoo, conditioner, hand wash, and many others. MyKirei introduces a plant-based cleansing system in its shampoo. It is infused with moisturizing extracts from Japanese Tsubaki and vitamin-rich rice water.

MyKirei shampoo is capable of nourishes the hairs deeply and restore the natural balance of hairs without creating any irritation. The formulation of this shampoo works very well for all hair types and textures. It provides all the qualities that you want in a shampoo for your personal use. The formula of this shampoo comprises paraben, phthalate, mineral oil, and artificial dye-free.

Key Features:

  • Rich Ingredients: The key ingredients of this shampoo are Japanese Tsubaki and Rice water that are rich in oleic acid, glycerides, proteins, and vitamins.
  • Safe For Color Treat Hairs: It is safe to use for color treat hairs and helps to maintain the color balance. Also, it helps to nourish the hairs.
  • Breakthrough Sustainable Bottle: It comes with a pump over the bottle that helps to reduce the wastage of shampoo up to 50% as compared to traditional shampoo bottles with easy to refill option.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gentle, and balanced formula
  • Low-quality bottle pump

   7   Moist Diane Botanical Refresh and Moist Shampoo

Moist Diane is famous for providing quality hair products at a low price. Botanical refresh and moist shampoo from Moist Diane is formulated with a blend of 90% natural ingredients. The inclusion of Toscana Olive Oil (Italy) and Moroccan Argan oil is beneficial to wash out the impurities.

Furthermore, the balance of sebum maintaining the property in shampoo helps to build up the scalp. All these ingredients are rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E. it helps to keep the moisturizer on the hairs as well as minimize the irritation on the scalp.

This shampoo comes in the packing of 480ml and safe to use on sensitive skin.

Key Features:

  • Protection From Sun Exposure: It comes with extracts from rosemary, pineapple ceramide, and mandarin orange. All these not only reverse the damage to hairs from the sun but also protect them from pollution and boosts radiance.
  • Summer Fruits Scent: This shampoo is infused with the sweet scent of summer fruits that remains in the hair for a long time.
  • Harmless Ingredients: It is formulated with harm-free ingredients like sulfate, paraben, silicone, etc.
  • Gentle
  • Hydrating
  • Low price
  • Unisex shampoo
  • Oily shampoo

   8    KAMINOMOTO Charge Shampoo B&P

KAMINOMOTO introduces its medicated shampoo to keep the hair healthy and shiny as well as keep the scalp healthy. If you want a shampoo that not only maintains the natural look and also provide protection against itch and dandruff. Then medicated shampoo from KAMINOMOTO is the best option.

This is an effective medical acidic shampoo that provides the results as you desired. If you use KAMINOMOTO hair lotion in addition to shampoo, it will keep your scalp healthy and clean.

Be careful, if you use this shampoo in excess quantity, it overtakes sebum and could be a reason for dry scalp and dandruff. Therefore, it is important to use the quantity as much as required by your hair.

Key Features:

  • Glycyrrhetinic Acid: This shampoo comes with glycyrrhetinic acid that is beneficial to remove dandruff and itching elements. Also, it helps to suppress inflammation and keep the scalp healthy.
  • Act As A Sterilizer: It helps to prevent the reproduction of hair, and skin-damaging germs keep the scalp safe with its sterilizing activity.
  • Unisex Shampoo: This shampoo works very well for both males and females. They can use it as a regular shampoo to keep the beautiful look of hairs.
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Keep the scalp moisturized
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Not suitable for hair growth

   9   Kunoma Horse Oil Shampoo

Kunoma is a Korean manufacturer and offers a wide range of hair care products. All the products from this manufacturer are formulated with natural ingredients and trusted by users from around the world.

This horse oil shampoo is specifically formulated for people who want to improve the scalp and hair look as well. The main ingredient of this shampoo is horse oil, also mentioned in the name. But many people don’t know about the specialty of horse oil for hairs.

Horse oil is full of unsaturated fatty acids, which are an essential part of acid and plays an important part in nourishing the skin tissue. It is easy for the horse oil to saturate in the skin by using its Uruotta state and helps to nourish the skin of the scalp.

Key Features:

  • Dandruff Less Hairs: Due to the absorbing properties of horse oil in the gaps of skin, it makes your hairs and scalp free from dandruff and itchiness.
  • Create Layer On Skin Cells: It comes with anti-bacterial and anti-oxidation properties; it creates a layer of oil on the skin cells and protects them from bacteria like staphylococcus. Also, it helps to reduce the chances of bacterial infection.
  • Non-Silicon Shampoo: It is a non-silicon shampoo that offers natural ingredients useful for hair growth and improves the lifecycle of hairs.
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Suitable for various skin conditions
  • Dilate blood vessels
  • Low-quality shampoo bottle

   10    KAO Japan Asience Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Asience introduces its shampoo and conditioner set specifically formulated for rough hairs. The shampoo is rich in the foaming agent that is beneficial to gently clean the hair and scalp skin as well. Also, it keeps the hairs soft and suppleness for up to 24 hours with its continuous hydration feature.

The formulation of shampoo comprises of ingredients with moisture-retaining properties. The ingredients include honey, pearl, pomegranate, aloe, and succinic acid. All these ingredients are useful to lock the moisture in the hairs and scalp skin. Also, it helps to reduce the dryness and roughness.

Key Features:

  • Natural Oriental Essence: It is the specialty of this shampoo that it refreshes and strengthens the hairs from inside while washing. It provides continuous hydration without weighing down hairs.
  • Elegant Floral Fruit Fragrance: It comes with an exotic floral fruity fragrance that remains in the hair for all the day and provides the feeling of freshness.
  • Reduce Hair Fall: The most beneficial part of this shampoo is that it not only helps to keep the hair moisturized but also helps to reduce the hair fall and keeps the natural Asian beauty.


  • Perfect for rough hairs
  • Moisturize the damage ends
  • Long-lasting softness
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin or skin with rashes

  11   Kracie Dear Beaut’e Oil In Shampoo

Kracie is another famous Japanese manufacturer of hair and skincare products. The product line of kracie comprises shampoo, conditioner, skincare cream, and various others. This shampoo is specifically formulated for people who want a combo solution for their hairs.

This shampoo comes with oil in its ingredients that sound amazing, and you don’t have the need to apply the hair before hair washing. Usually, people apply oil on hair before washing because it helps to retain the natural shine and shampoo washout the dirt only. But this shampoo creates easiness for people and reduces their efforts.

Only a few shampoos are available in markets that are formulated for color-treated hairs. This shampoo works very well for color-treated hairs and washes the hairs without disturbing the color chemicals.

Key Features:

  • Suitable For Dry And Brittle Hairs: The regular use of shampoo helps to process the dry hairs, and the inclusion of Beaut’e oil helps to keep the hair shiny and smooth.
  • Himawari Fragrance: Sunflower is called Himawari in japan, and this shampoo comes with an elegant fragrance of sunflower.
  • Prevent Hair Damage: It helps to prevent hair damage from dust and various insoluble water particles. It improves the growth of hairs as well.
  • Sulfate-free
  • Easy to manage hairs
  • The perfect balance of oil and moisture
  • Expensive as compared to properties

   12    KRACIE Naive Shampoo Peach Pump Moist

Here is another shampoo from Kracie that is specifically formulated for people with curly hairs. It helps to provide sufficient moisture to both hairs and scalp that is beneficial to manage the curly hairs. This Japanese shampoo is trusted by users from around the world and always remain in high demand.

The naive shampoo is formulated by using 100% plant extracts that are famous for having cleansing properties and keeps the shine of hairs as well. Some of the ingredients of this shampoo are peach leaf extracts, hydrolyzed oat protein, and Glycosyltrehalose BP. If you want a full list of ingredients, then you can check it on the backside of the bottle.

Key Features:

  • Foamy Texture: This shampoo comes with a foamy and creamy texture that is useful to remove the dirt from hairs and also eliminate excess sebum to keep the scalp healthy.
  • Low Volume Usage: It is enough to use a single pump of shampoo to make enough foam to clean the hairs. Try to use Luke’s water for washing hairs with this shampoo to get better results.
  • Natural Cleansing Agent: It comprises of natural ingredients that are beneficial to improve the cleansing properties without damaging the hairs.
  • Flowery fragrance
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Reduce dryness
  • Makes hairs greasy


Pola is a Japanese manufacturer and offers a wide range of household and entertaining products to users from around the world. But it is new in the manufacturing of hair and skincare products. However, it also offers different skincare and hair care products, including skin cream, face wash, anti-wrinkle serum, and many more.

The Pola Form Shampoo is formulated especially for people who want to keep their hair hydrated and tangle-free for the whole day. It helps to nourish the hairs regularly and maintains the natural color and hair shine that is damaged by dust.

Key Features:

  • Safe For Sensitive Skin: It comes with light and foaming formula that is easy to wash and safe to use for sensitive scalp skin.
  • Elegant Scent: This shampoo comes with a moderate and long-lasting scent that keeps the fragrance for the whole day and provides a feeling of freshness.
  • Silky And Soft Texture: It is an excellent option to get the soft and silky hairs easily. That’s why this shampoo is mostly used by celebrities in Japan.


  • Perfect for man’s short hairs
  • Keeps natural hair shine
  • Keeps the hair fresh
  • Low-quality bottle material

   14    MANDOM Gatsby Perfect Clear Shampoo

Here is another known Japanese brand that offers its shampoo with hard hair wax removing features. Mandom introduces its shampoo with rich lather feature that helps to cleanses off the wax irrespective of its toughness. It helps to make the hair light and smooth.

This shampoo from Mandom comes with moisturizing ingredients that are beneficial to protect the hairs from damaging factors like dust and sun rays. It is perfect for people who have to travel more in dusty areas and faces harsh sunlight most of the time.

The formulation of this shampoo comes with a perfect balance of hair protection and cleansing factors. It helps to clean the hairs easily without damaging them.

Key Features:

  • Menthol Refreshers: It provides menthol, refreshing feelings after washing the hairs that make your scalp cool and healthy.
  • Mirror Like Shine: The inclusion of extracts from coconut oil and oakmoss in the ingredients is beneficial to make the hair shines like a mirror. Also, these help to protect the hairs from UV rays and eliminate color fading of hair.
  • Free From Hazardous Chemicals: It is free from various hazardous chemicals that are usually used in shampoos, including paraben, sulfate, and phthalate.
  • Great for man use
  • Some people don’t like menthol scent

   15    Oshima Tsubaki Oil Shampoo

Oshima Tsubaki is the last manufacturer of shampoo on the list and famous for the manufacturing of natural products for hairs. This shampoo helps to clean the hairs and scalp gently with its mild formulation without creating irritation and damage.

The ingredients of this shampoo comprise of camellia oil and three other components derived from camellia. The derived components are camellia ceramide, camellia leaf extracts, and camellia plant. These components help to keep the moisture on the scalp and also help to get tangle-free, silky, and manageable hairs.

It comes with an elegant fragrance that comes from camellia blossoms, and it remains in the hairs for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Supple Moisturized Finish: The ingredients of this shampoo are capable of providing supple moisturized finish and providing fresh hair wash feelings.
  • Colorant And Mineral Free Oil: The oil used in this shampoo is free from colorant and mineral that are harmful to the health of hairs.
  • Easy To Apply: You just need to take some shampoo in the palm, apply on the scalp, and massage the scalp with fingertips. Use warm water for washing hairs to get better results.
  • Repairing agent
  • Protect hairs from dandruff
  • Easy to wash out
  • Not suitable for curly hairs

Best Japanese Shampoo Buying Guide

It is the priority of everyone, especially females, that their hairs look clean and shiny all the time. It is easy for everyone to manage the hairs easily and quickly if they are not of rough texture.

Ingredients of any shampoo play an important role in maintaining the hairs as per your desire. Therefore, it is important to select the shampoo with ingredients suitable for your hair. However, there are a few more things that you have to consider while selecting the shampoo.

In the below section, we will discuss the important factors to get better results from your shampoo.

  1. Hair And Skin Type

You just need to know about the type of hair and scalp you have. Because cleaning the hair is not the only purpose of using shampoo but also shampoo helps to get the natural shine back. For example, if you have dry scalp and hairs and you select the shampoo made for oily hairs. It will make your hair sticky and irritating.

Furthermore, if you are using hair color for your hairs, then you have to must sure that the shampoo is free from chemicals that are harmful to color-treated hairs.

  1. Fragrance

The fragrance is an important element while selecting the shampoo. Usually, Japanese shampoos are formulated by using natural ingredients, that’s why most of the shampoos come with the scent of flowers and fruits. The fragrance of this shampoo remains in the hair for a long time after washing the hairs.

Japanese shampoos come with almost every scent, and you can select the one that offers your favorite scent.

  1. Ingredients

As we mentioned earlier, ingredients are the primary factor because ingredients provide the assurance of good hairs. Every shampoo comes with different ingredients depending on the type of hair for which it is formulated. But make sure that it is free from various hazardous chemicals like sulfate, paraben, etc.

These chemicals are widely used in shampoos to increase the creamy texture and foaming properties. But the excess of anything can create a problem and provide bad results. Also, these are harmful to sensitive skin and skins with rashes.

Therefore, try to choose the shampoo that offers formulation with 100% natural ingredients. It not only protects it from harsh factors but also helps to get the natural shine back by repairing the damaged hairs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question # 1: Are Japanese shampoos are safe to use for sensitive skins?


It varies from brand to brand. Usually, shampoos that are formulated with natural ingredients are safe to use for sensitive skin. But some brands also use parabens and sulfates that may create a problem for sensitive skin and creates irritation.

Question # 2: Is it necessary to use a conditioner with shampoo?


No, it is not necessary. Many Japanese shampoos are available in the market that offers extracts of natural ingredients that are great to clean and moisture the hairs. But if you use the conditioner on hairs after washing with shampoo, it will provide you better results.

Question # 3 : Are Japanese shampoos useful for reducing hair fall?


Yes, Japanese shampoos not only help to stop hair fall but also helps to improve the growth strength.


Japanese shampoos are popular around the world to keep the natural beauty of hairs. But the selection of right shampoo for your hairs is somehow difficult.

Hopefully, from the above list, you can find the best one for your hair, depending on the type of hair.