The pain of getting a tattoo could be overwhelming. This is where numbing cream comes in. These are specially made creams that help reduces pain by numbing the skin, making it insensitive.

Over the years, many people have used numbing cream for tattoo, waxing, fixing permanent makeups, etc., and were mesmerized by the effectiveness. This is why we will be reviewing the best numbing cream for microblading.

We have considered users experience alongside product rating. We also invested hours of research into this research. This is why we were able to come up with this comprehensive review on the best numbing cream for microblading.

We hope that this review will guide you in making a befitting choice that will suit your needs.

Zensa Healing Cream 

Also, in the series of our best numbing cream for microblading is Zensa Healing Cream. It is a high-quality numbing cream made with all natural ingredients like Shea Butter, green tea extracts, Aloe vera, and Calendula. This makes it safe and applicable for use with various types of skin and other sensitive skin areas and the face.

This is a high quality cream that will not trigger any form of allergy. It does not come with fragrance, oil, steroids petrolatum, or anything that might react adversely with users. As a result, it is safe for all, despite the skin type.

It is the ideal numbing cream for microblading as it does not affect the ink setting; In addition, it reduces itching and encourages permanent and perfect healing of your tattoo. Not only is this the ideal numbing cream for microblading, but it can also be used for treating other skin infections like psoriasis and eczema. The powerful and active natural ingredients provide quick relief from dry or cracked skin. It encourages the formation of new tissues and blood vessels. This heals wound on time.


  • No con found

Ebanel Numbing 5% Lidocaine Spray 

In need of the perfect numbing cream to eradicate pain while having your tattoo, Ebanel Numbing cream is the right choice. It is the ideal cream to relive you from waxing, suture, local and anorectal discomfort, hemorrhoid, and all forms of microblading pain.

There is the spray version of Ebanel Numbing cream, which works best during and after sessions. It was made with high-quality materials like purified water, sodium benzoate, and many more. These materials will not trigger any adverse reaction with the skin.

Besides, Ebanel Numbing cream produces deep penetration, which works faster in delivering the anesthetic effect on the skin. It contains no sticky creams or greasy gels. It is entirely water-based, which will not stain your clothes or bed.


  • Excellent for an insect bite
  • Non-irritating
  • Thick and easy to apply
  • Deep penetration


  • The odor might be unpalatable for some people
  • Might cause eye irritation

Zensa Numbing Cream 5% Lidocaine

This is one of the top quality numbing creams that will not only relieve pain, but it will also give you a brighter, clearer, and beautiful ink. It is the perfect companion to have a pain free microblading section with the ability to last as long as 5 hours.

If you need the perfect numbing cream for a pain-free piercing, laxer removal, waxing, and tattoo section, this is a viable option. It comes in 10-gram tubes, which can cover approximately 15 square centimeters on your skin.

There is a detailed instruction on how to use the cream for maximum effect. It was made with top quality ingredients that do not react negatively with the skin. It does not cause irritation or infection, as well.


  • Gives a shinny tattoo
  • No irritation
  • No negative reaction with the skin
  • Works as described


  • It does not work effectively if you drink alcohol before use.

Deeveeant Lidocaine Numbing Cream 

To everyone out there in need of a top-quality numbing cream for a tattoo, injection, waxing, hair removal, needles and shots, microblading, and all forms of piercing, Deeveeant Lidocaine Numbing Cream is a right choice. This is a top-quality anesthetic with skin-friendly ingredients that will make your microblading section go pain-free.

This superb quality analgesic numbing cream is the right companion to a stress-free tattoo section. It features top-quality ingredients like Jojoba, teat tree, and aloe vera. All this works together to give the user the perfect and ideal numbing effect. The high-quality material helps ensure that no irritation arises as a result of the procedure. Also, it enhances skin regeneration.

It is equipped with medical-grade 4% lidocaine, which ensures topmost penetration. With this, you will have a pain free section without stress. The lack of oily residue ensures it does not stain your clothes or body


  • US FDA Part 348 Approved.
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Anti-bacterial safety
  • Top-quality constituent materials
  • Comes with a detailed instruction


  • No recorded side effect

Medinumb Lidocaine Numbing Cream

Also, in need of the best numbing cream to relieve pain from laser, tattoo, piercing, waxing, and hair removal, try Medinumb Lidocaine. This is a top-rated numbing cream designed to produce the perfect anesthetic effect. With this, you can have the ideal skin numbing effect, which will enable you to go about your procedure without stress.

It helps combat swelling and fights bacteria. As a result, you can feel like a badass while having your microblading section. This is a high-quality product that is equipped with superb strength medical grade lidocaine cream.

This Medinumb Lidocaine delivers the lidocaine right into your skin. This will make your skin pain receptor go on break for about 2 hours. Also, Medinumb Lidocaine stands out in that it is not oil-based. With this, it will not leave a stain on your cloth or skin. You need to apply an hour before your section for maximum results.


  • Painless tattoo and electrolysis
  • High-quality components
  • Works great with sunburn
  • No stain and cloth friendly
  • Does not cause skin irritations


  • No con found with the produce

Numb Topical Anesthetic Numbing Cream | Maximum Strength Pain Relief Cream for Tattoo, Piercing, Skin Tag Removal, Waxing, Microblading, Microneedling, Dermarolling, Hair Removal

To everyone that needs a safe, effective, and long-lasting numbing cream, Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Numbing Cream is the right choice. This is the perfect anesthetic to relieve you of pain and help you have a stress free and painless microblading, waxing, electrolysis, and skin tag removal process.

Whatever you want to do, this Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Numbing Cream can keep your skin numb for up to four hours. It is not oil-based and is quickly absorbed into the skin. You need to apply on the skin at least 15 minutes before the procedure for maximum effect.

Not only will this numb your skin, but it can also prevent itchiness that comes after many of these procedures. It is simple and easy to apply. It is not sticky and produces no offensive odor. It is safe and does not react negatively with various skin types.


  • Easy to use
  • Completely safe for users
  • Product is FDA certified
  • Nonsticky and non-oil based


  • User must apply early enough for maximum effect

Swipe Topical Anesthetic During Painful Procedures, Tattoo Anesthetics 4 fl. oz.

If you need a high-quality skin numbing cream to produce a deadening effect on your skin, we recommend going for Swipe Topical Anesthetic. It was made with high-quality ingredients that do not trigger any adverse reaction or impact on your skin.

Swipe Topical Anesthetic is ideal for relieving pain broken skin from various procedures like tattoos, wax, permanent makeup, etc. It contains local and powerful anesthetics like 2% lidocaine, 6% benzocaine, and others. The absence of epinephrine makes it comfortable for use throughout the procedure.

Users can get a deadening effect that will last to an hour with Swipe Topical Anesthetic. In addition, the ingredients are gentle on the skin. They enhance healing and recovery from the microblading process or tattoo. With this, you can go about your daily activities without any worry.


  • Does not react with the skin
  • No irritation
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Does not come with epinephrine


  • Users will have to wait for the numbness to kick in. This is at least 90 seconds after applying anesthetics.
  • Numbing last for an hour

Microblading & PMU Aftercare(0.5 Fl Oz)Nourishing Cream

If you need the right numbing cream to take care of your skin, Microblading & PMU Aftercare is the right choice. It contains natural ingredients that have been naturally formalized to speed up your skin’s healing process. This is in addition to relieving unpleasant sensations that might set in after treatment.

To make it palatable for skin, all-natural ingredients were employed in the making of this Microblading & PMU Aftercare. As a result, you can expect unique nourishing for your skin from ingredients like Vitamin A and E, Jojoba Cream oil, Olive oil, Calendula, etc. Not only will they speed up your healing, but these healthy ingredients will also boost the regeneration of healthy cells. With this, your dry skin will recover without any issue while staying elastic

This Microblading & PMU Aftercare is the work of microblading artists and pharmacists. As a result, the process was subjected to strict EU cosmetic regulation to ensure it is fit for use. It is not an oil-based cream; hence, no stain on skin or cloth after use. It does not contain wax or butter as well


  • Paraben-free
  • Not oil-based
  • Encourages collagen formation
  • Does not react adversely with any skin type
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Does not cause irritation


  • Product is not scented

    9.30g SUPER NUMB Anesthetic Skin Numbing Cream

First, in the series of our top numbing cream for microblading is 30g SUPER NUMB Anesthetic Skin Numbing Cream. This is a high-quality numbing anesthetic meant to get rid of pain from needles, tattoos, microblading, hair removal, and cosmetics.

It was made of high-quality materials that will not react negatively with your skin. It is water-based and not oily; hence will not leave an excessive stain on your skin. It comes with a detailed and step by step instruction for practical use.

It produces no side effects of any form. The affected area will remain numb for about 4 hours, even after removing the cream. A single 30-gram tube can cover approximately 6 inches areas of your skin.


  • Works as described
  • Effective operation
  • No side effect
  • Keeps you numb for up to 4 hours


  • Not recommended for use on delicate areas of the skin

Hush Anesthetic Tattoo numbing Gel More Powerful than Numbing Cream

Finally, on our list of top rated numbing creams for microblading, we have Hush Anesthetic Tattoo numbing Gel. This is a pain relieving gel designed to help users have a stress free tattoo, waxing, and microblading section.

It contains high quality organic ingredients like aloe vera, which reduces inflammation and skin redness. This makes it the ideal numbing cream to minimize itchiness and other issues that might want to arise due to microblading. It is safe to use, speeds up the healing process and does not react with sensitive skin.

It comes in 2 ounces bottles that should be applied generously on your skin before the tattooing section. It lasts pretty long and can keep your skin numb for up to 2 hours, allowing you to enjoy a painless tattoo process.


  • Paraben-free
  • Safe and recommended on sensitive screen
  • FDA compliant
  • Last longer
  • It smells nice.


  • We did not find any con with the product

Buying Guide for Best Numbing Creams

If you are considering getting a tattoo, getting a numbing cream is essential. The tattoo process could be painful, but with a numbing cream, you will not feel anything throughout the process. You do not need to depend on your tattoo artist for their gel.

You will do yourself a lot of favor if you get yourself a personal numbing cream in preparation for your tattoo. Not only will you get a top quality product, but it will also ensure your comfort through the process.

In case you are skeptical about numbing creams, it is not that bad. We understand your fear of getting the wrong cream. This fear is justified as the wrong cream could be costly. This is due to the adverse reaction with your skin. However, when you get the right numbing skin, you will be more than glad you did. Not only will your tattooing sections be painless, but you will also have a hygienic microblading section.

Before buying a numbing cream, there are many things you need to put in mind. This is why we will be examining how to choose the right numbing cream that will work for you in this section.

What is a Tattoo Numbing Cream?

A numbing tattoo cream is like a gel or spray that is usually applied to the skin before getting a tattoo. It helps desensitize the skin to reduce the pain that comes with the tattoo needles. It also prevents the onset of skin inflammation or redness.

Not only does numbing cream work for tattoo sections, but it can also be used for laser therapy, microblading, and many more. You need to apply the cream on the skin for effective operation generously. We have reviewed the top 10 numbing creams in the market, and we hope this buying guide will narrow down your choice.

Essential Factors to Consider When Buying a Numbing Cream

Here are vital things you need to keep in mind before getting a tattoo numbing cream

  1. Types

There are different varieties of numbing cream, and you cannot choose any that suits you. Before making your choice, it is essential to do your research thoroughly. This is because you need to know the function of various types of numbing cream.

A nerve blocker, for instance, deactivates your nerves such that they do not register the pain. A vasoconstrictor, on the other hand, reduces the blood flow, which controls the pain.

Before selecting a numbing cream, find out which works for you. This is vital because there are different types of tattoos, and they all require different procedures.

  1. Active Ingredients

An idea of the constituent ingredients of a microbalding numbing cream is also vital in choosing the best one. Many numbing creams, including the ones we reviewed in this article, contains lidocaine. This is an active ingredient that should not be more than 5% in a numbing cream. It helps to deactivate the nerve endings temporarily so that they suspend transmitting pain signals to the brain

Also, benzocaine and tetracaine are other commonly used numbing ingredients. They are, however, not active ingredients and not as potent as lidocaine.

  1. Water-based or Oil-based?

You should endeavor to consider only water-based numbing cream. Water-based is recommended and widely accepted because it allows the tattoo ink to sit correctly on the skin. It does not cause stain and irritation and also complements your tattoo. Also, you can easily wipe off a water-based tattoo.

  1. Quality and Lasting Effect

The quality of the numbing cream also matters. The quality has to do with the effectiveness of the cream. Your priority should be going for a numbing cream that will last at least two hours. This is to ensure that you remain comfortable during the entire tattooing section and after, as well. Many of the numbing creams we reviewed here last more than 2 hours.

In addition, a quality cream does not take long to activate. In addition to this, it will also penetrate your skin fast. This is what you should look for in a numbing cream.

Many of the numbing creams we reviewed in this article are of high quality. They provide a lasting effect and works fast.

Instruction For Best Results

While most numbing cream comes with detailed guidance, we thought to provide a step by step guide to direct users on the best way to go about having maximum results with their numbing cream.

Step 1 – CLEAN – you can use a damp cloth to wipe the regions of the skin you want to work on clean

Step 2 – RUB – Smear the numbing cream over the part. Rub in lightly and ensure you have a thick layer of cream there.

Step 3 – WRAP – Make sure the cream does not dry out. You could tie with a plastic wrap if you feel like it.

Step 4 – RELAX – Numbing should kick in, in less than half an hour. You can leave it for as long as 90 minutes for effective results.

Step 5 – WIPE – With a damp cloth, clean off the residue. Now you are prepared to have a painless tattoo section.


We have extensively discussed the top 10 numbing creams for microblading in the market. We hope this review will guide you in selecting the best cream that will help you have a painless tattoo section.

Also, there is a detailed buying guide in which we examined the most important things to consider before going for numbing cream. These features will guide you to make the best and most fitting selection that will help you have a pain free microblading section.