Creating a cozy and inviting living room is more than just aesthetics—it’s also about making the space functional and comfortable for you and your family. Whether you’re looking for simple upgrades or a complete revamp, these chic ideas will help you design the perfect living room.
Display cherished items like books, family photos, and travel souvenirs to make the space more personal. Incorporate different textures and colors through decor like pillows, throws, rugs, and curtains.


A living room’s color palette should reflect the room’s primary design style and function. Light shades amplify natural light to make small spaces feel larger and airier, while dark paint colors can create cozy ambiances and dramatic accents.

A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to update a living room, but you can also add visual interest with accent walls and furnishings that merge two distinct styles. For example, a striped painting and coordinating upholstered sofa help tie together this eclectic living room design Newmarket ON.

Keep the focus on seating arrangements when distributing color throughout your living room design. In this family-friendly space, a pretty patterned area rug adds underfoot allure and helps the eye travel up to framed photos on the wall and a chic accessorized coffee table tray. A few bright throw pillows and a fringed floor lamp help keep the look stylish and modern.


The lighting in a living room is critical for creating the right ambiance, whether warm and cozy for relaxing, bright for entertaining, or something in between. Mixing ambient and task lighting is essential, as is incorporating dimmable options to adjust the mood throughout the day.

A layered look is an easy way to achieve a chic, style-driven design. Here, a woven area rug adds underfoot texture and echoes the colors in the couch’s patterned throw pillows, while a fringed floor lamp, painted accent wall art, and metallic accessories deliver bold style at eye level.

Showcase cherished items on shelves or coffee tables to personalize your living room and make it feel like home. Displaying books, stacked picture frames, or even a carefully camouflaged storage unit can visually break up dark paint color and create a more open and airy space.


While a stunning focal point and gorgeous furniture will catch the eye, a living room should also function well. This means defining areas for socialization and relaxation with functional seating, entertainment areas, and storage solutions.

Larger furniture pieces like sofas and coffee tables can help define spaces. In addition, wall-mounted shelving and carefully camouflaged storage can provide ample hidden storage for knick-knacks and clutter.

A limited color scheme can work beautifully when a living room is properly proportioned and has plenty of natural light. Then, accent colors can be added through decorative pillows, blankets, and rugs to create visual interest and depth. For example, the teal couch steals the show in this monochromatic living room, but the colors echo throughout the decorative pillows and a fluffy area rug. The result is a cohesive look that will stand the test of time.


Consider how the space will be used when designing your living room. For example, if you have children, consider including an area for reading or relaxing away from the home’s main living areas.
Ensure that all your furniture pieces work together using color and texture to create a cohesive look. Try incorporating patterns into your design through throw pillows, blankets and rugs.
Use a bold accent wall to add drama and a focal point to the room for a dramatic effect. Display artwork or a gallery wall to showcase your style and make the room feel like home.
Play with scale by using smaller-scale furniture and accessories in a larger space to create the illusion of proportion. For instance, a floor-mounted mirror or grouping of small framed photographs can help to create the illusion of space in a large living room.