Known as the father of the late Vanessa Angel, Doddy Sudrajat’s appearance in public has always been synonymous with controversy. Is it just a sensation to gain prestige in the artistic world, or something else? 

But what is certain is that Doddy Sudrajat’s appearance is like a volume-filled soap opera full of drama which in the end is scrutinized by the public

After being reported by his ex-wife named Puput to Polda Metro Jaya for alleged child neglect and defamation on June 19, 2023, Doddy Sudrajat finally appeared in public. 

Her appearance aims to reveal that she is not afraid of statements about herself that do not admit that Aisyah is her biological child

“There are many other things like, he wanted to change his name, at first he didn’t want to open it because he couldn’t stand it anymore because all this time my friends didn’t know about the drama daddy when he married the ex, there was a lot of drama and there were a lot of problems before,” he said. 

Not without reason, Doddy Sudrajat explicitly exposed Puput’s past when he married him, Puput was 2 months pregnant. 

“Already 2 months pregnant, it’s clear that the marriage was in February 2016, 5 months later June (Aisyah) was born,” he said. 

As if he wanted to explain in more detail and according to the facts, Doddy Sudrajat also showed a marriage book containing the date of his marriage to Puput to a birth certificate which contained Aisyah’s date of birth. 

“Here there is a marriage book, it’s still there. It’s February 5th, 2016, Daddy’s wedding date. The original deed (Aisyah) which she said was lost, is the original. So, on June 30, 2016, he was born,” he said. 

“This is February, we got married, and June was born, which means that it only took 5 months, meaning that Fix was already pregnant. It means he ( Puput ) made a false report to the police, right,” Doddy added. 

Meanwhile, Puput admitted that Doddy Sudrajat had abandoned his son. 

“For forgiveness, as a human being, yes (forgive Doddy), but from a legal point of view, we will leave it to the police. If I’m ready to face it, but that doesn’t make good sense daddy right? Because he knows what his responsibilities are like,”