Camper rentals are a great way to experience the RV lifestyle without a large financial commitment. They typically offer more flexibility than buying an RV, with minimal maintenance responsibilities and professional support throughout your trip.

You can rent RVs at national chain outlets, local RV dealerships and through peer-to-peer rental sites like Outdoorsy. The latter offers neat listings, including custom boutique camper vans with cool amenities.


A road trip in a camper can feel expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. With RV rentals, you get the freedom of camping with the comforts of home—plus savings compared to staying in hotels or dining out every meal.

The peer-to-peer RV rental site is like Airbnb for RVs, with options ranging from brand-new motor homes to funky vintage vans. Owners can set their terms, including pet fees, extra mileage charges and cleaning costs, so comparing rates carefully is important.

Another option is to rent a Class B RV, also known as a campervan. These camper rentals Kieler WI, are smaller, easier to drive, and consume less gas than larger motorhomes. They are perfect for a road trip around the country or to a destination like Yellowstone.

Flexibility in Choice

A camper rental allows you to try the RV lifestyle without committing to purchasing an RV. This is a great way to see whether or not an RV is the right fit for you and your family, especially if you’re still determining if it’s something you want to do long-term.

In addition, renting from an owner allows you to enjoy travel flexibility without worrying about maintaining the RV. For example, you can hire an owner to do delivery and pickup, removing the hassle of driving the camper or finding a parking spot at a campground.

Additionally, many RV owners rent their units out when they need to use them. This means you’ll be able to choose from various RVs and locations, making it easy to find the perfect rig for your next vacation. Just be sure to read the fine print and compare prices before you sign a contract.

Minimal Maintenance Responsibilities

RVs are not cheap to buy, and while renting them eliminates some upfront costs, it doesn’t eliminate them. There will still be maintenance fees to keep up with, and you may have to worry about where to dump the black and grey tanks or how much it will cost to fill your RV’s large gas tank.

Fortunately, when renting from an owner, the host handles many of these issues and is less imposing than they would be if you own your RV. This is particularly true for rental options, which offer a variety of camper rentals, including everything from brand-new motor homes to custom luxury boutique vans, such as this vintage van offered by Vanish.

Just be aware that when you rent from an individual, their terms and conditions vary widely. Some will have pet-friendly policies while others don’t. In addition, some owners will provide roadside assistance while others won’t.

Professional Support

Many RV owners choose to rent their rigs to generate a profit from their under-utilized assets. However, running a successful RV rental business is more than just managing a fleet of RVs and ensuring they are booked for the most days. You will need to invest in marketing strategies that will help you reach a wider audience and attract potential travellers.

Moreover, RV owners must provide their renters 24/7 roadside assistance and other support services. This can be time-consuming and require you to be always on call to answer questions or handle emergencies. This can take away from your profits. Lastly, you must be able to set clear rules and guidelines with your renters. For example, you should clarify that if they are more than thirty minutes late for their appointment, they will have to reschedule and might need help to check out the camper or rental equipment.