Instagram made another breakthrough by updating the Add Music to Instagram Notes features, on Thursday, June 15, 2023. Through this update, users can attach their favorite songs or music and write short statuses in front of followers.

Previously, Instagram created the Notes feature with the aim of giving users space to express their thoughts. Now with the new version of the Notes feature, one’s feelings, emotions, and even thoughts can be described through the song they choose.

Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg through the official channel said, Instagram users can add up to 30 seconds of music to their Notes. The use of this feature can also be combined with text messages and emojis.

No different from before, Notes will last up to the next 24 hours. Apart from the account owner, other users can also hear what tracks other people are playing by tapping the ‘ play ‘ button in the Notes that appear.

Notes itself is a simplified Instagram status feature, visible only in the chat section.

Previously, users were only allowed to share text and emojis for notes, but now the platform allows users to share popular songs and audio from the platform’s extensive music library.

For those of you who are interested in trying it, here’s how to insert music into the Notes feature on Instagram.

1. Open a chat room or DM in the upper right corner of the Instagram application

2. Click the plus (+) symbol in the Notes feature bar

3. Click the music symbol

4. Choose music from the Instagram library

5. Set which part of the song to share

6. Click ‘Done’ when finished selecting songs

7. Type the status or emoji that you want to appear along with the track

8. When finished, click ‘Share’ to share the Notes.