When you travel in a campervan, your lodging moves with you, eliminating the need for hotel-hopping. This is especially helpful when traveling with kids or on a tight budget.

Understanding your needs starts with finding the perfect camper van rental for your road trip. Look at your travel goals and the size of your group.


If you want to try out van life but want to avoid shelling out for a new camper or RV, renting one is a great option. Whether you want to rent a minivan equipped with just the camping basics or a fully converted Sprinter van complete with a rooftop tent, there are plenty of options on peer-to-peer marketplaces.

One of the best things about these vehicles is that they can often be more cost-effective than renting a hotel room for long road trips. However, it’s important to factor in the fuel cost and the fact that you’ll need to practice driving and parking these larger vehicles if you need to get used to them.


There are a few things to consider when choosing the level of comfort you want in your camper van rental. First, consider how many people you will travel with – this can help determine how big an RV you need to rent. Bigger RVs are typically more expensive than smaller ones and can also require a larger budget for fuel costs and campground fees.

You’ll also need to decide whether you want a popup tent for additional sleeping space or a campervan with built-in beds so you don’t have to worry about transforming your sitting area into a bed each night.

Peer-to-peer campervan rental in Iceland offers huge vehicles, from Sprinter vans with HGTV-worthy interiors to tiny teardrop trailers you can pull behind your Subaru to giant 5th wheels and Class A motorhomes. Corporate rental companies are also options if you’d prefer to work with something other than individual owners. However, they tend to have a more structured rental experience with highly scheduled pick-up and drop-off times and locations.


There are tons of options for campervan rental in Iceland, from those that offer affordable rentals under a hotel room price to those that provide luxury Sprinter vans. It’s important to consider your comfort level and the features you want before you choose a company.

For example, if you’re planning on camping and need the extra storage space of a rear tent bed, it’s worth looking at companies that offer add-ons for your RV rental to ensure you have enough space. This company’s van rentals start at $325 a night and include unlimited mileage, kitchen equipment, and camping gear.

Some vans’ interiors are gorgeous, and their affordable daily rates mean you can explore the West without worrying about running up your miles. They also have a few one-way locations and an optional rooftop tent for those who want more privacy and adventure. Plus, every vehicle they rent has unlimited mileage so that you can see as much of the country as possible!


When you travel by car, you must pack and unpack your belongings whenever you change locations — but with camper van rentals, your lodging moves with you. That makes road trips more relaxed and allows you to feel at home wherever your journey takes you.

Whether you’re a newbie to the campervan lifestyle or want to try out the van life without fully committing, renting a camper is the best way to see what #vanlife is all about. Some rental companies offer training materials online or have 24/7 support to answer your questions. And even if you’ve never driven anything bigger than your commuter car, most modern vans are easy to drive and come with a backup camera and blindspot alerts.

Some rental outfitters will even plan your trip for you (for an additional fee) and get you into local campgrounds with reserved spots for their guests. And suppose you’re worried about driving an unfamiliar vehicle. In that case, peer-to-peer van rental services have insurance protection packages, including free roadside assistance, so you can relax and enjoy your trip.


If you’re itching to try out #vanlife but are still deciding whether to commit to building your conversion, renting a camper is an awesome option. Many companies rent ready-to-camp vans with everything you need for an epic road trip.

You can choose from various options, from vintage ’70s and ’80s vans that embody the California vibe to all-inclusive luxury Sprinters. Most of these companies have locations throughout the West, making it easy to fly in and pick up your van before tackling the open road.

The size of your party will help determine the type of RV you choose. A smaller RV may be enough for a couple’s getaway, but you’ll want to choose a bigger model that comfortably accommodates everyone for a family trip. It can be tedious to transform your sitting space into a bed every night, so choose an RV with a permanent bed that doesn’t require you to convert it. This will save you time and hassle during your road trip.