A cooking hotspot on a budget might seem impossible, but smart choices and clever ideas can go a long way. Instead of displaying a mix of modern, boho, or eclectic kitchen decor, choose a style and stick with it. This will create a consistent, high-end feel.


Cabinets make the biggest impact on the overall look of a kitchen and are often the most expensive component of a remodel. However, they don’t have to break the bank or look cheap. Kitchen cabinets store all types of items – containers, utensils, cookware, and cleaning tools, to name a few. To keep them looking good, choose a cabinet design that won’t easily show dirt or wear. For example, opt for a full-plywood back panel instead of less-expensive methods that use thin panels or metal hanging rails and brackets, rails, and picture-frame construction. A weakened back panel can cause cabinet doors to sag or fall over time. This is why working with an experienced kitchen designer is crucial to explore options like angled end cabinets and glass-ready interiors.


Countertops are a kitchen workhorse and one of your space’s most important design elements. Several experts like Striking Remodels mentioned that replacing or updating your countertops is a high-impact, cost-efficient way to upgrade the look and functionality of your home’s kitchen. Choose a countertop material that suits your aesthetic, budget, and lifestyle. The best kitchen countertop choices are durable, stain-resistant, and low-maintenance.

Granite is a popular option for its natural beauty and durability. However, it can be more expensive than quartz and corian.


It’s important to think about your kitchen layout and how people will flow through it. Adding elements that are functional and add to the design, like a beautiful wall planter filled with greenery or shelving to display decorative pieces, can make your kitchen feel more homey. Upgrading your backsplash is another budget-friendly way to elevate your custom kitchen design. This helps protect your walls from food splatter and adds color or interest to the room. A simple and affordable kitchen renovation can be as easy as laying new tiles in your backsplash area. A popular trend is using porcelain tile that has a natural stone look. These are durable, non-porous, and work well with any kitchen tile ideas you choose for your space.


Many homeowners overlook the importance of lighting in their custom kitchen, but good lighting is crucial. It not only affects the overall aesthetic of a kitchen, but it also plays a big role in functionality.

One popular option is to add recessed lighting to the ceiling to light up work areas in the kitchen. Then, for a more decorative touch, you can use pendants or chandeliers to highlight certain elements, such as a beautiful backsplash. And, of course, dimmer switches are becoming more and more popular.