The WA Me Setting link is busy being discussed by netizens on social media. The reason is, the link will make WhatsApp an error when clicked.

Until now, many netizens on Twitter have complained about the link because they have already accessed it. Therefore, users are advised to be careful not to click on the WA Me Settings link.

“The sender is a victim of the setting link in WA,” said the T *** Twitter account, Sunday, May 28, 2023.

“Want to open an important announcement instead it kept coming out, I thought the WA was an error, ” said S ****.

“It’s a bug from Android, if it’s sent to a contact it can get an error, that only applies to official WA,” said N***, also explaining.

So, how do you deal with the WA ME Settings link if it has already been sent to another contact or when you get the link from another contact? Check out the explanation that we summarize below.

Two ways to overcome WhatsApp Error due to Link WA Me Setting

There are two ways to overcome this, namely by opening WhatsApp via the web or commonly known as WA Web. Then, go to the contact’s chat room where there is the WA ME Settings link, and delete the message bubble that contains the link.

The next way, WhatsApp users can immediately delete all messages in the chat room. This method allows users to delete from outside the chat room, by selecting the contact whose message content they want to delete, then clicking the down arrow and selecting the delete message menu.

Both of these methods are fairly easy to do. After one of these methods has been practiced, WhatsApp users don’t need to worry and can use the application as usual