Since the covid 19 pandemic, all businesses and umkm have been threatened with closing their businesses. However, there are other alternatives to save the business. One of them is doing business using social media platforms. Tiktok as the largest social media platform provides this facility for anyone.

On TikTok, you can sell any product with various methods. You only need to join the TikTok affiliates program. You can also become a nano influencer or work with them to grow your business. It’s not difficult to find nano influencers, you just need to mark all influencers with a total of 10,000 followers with promising engagement.

Easy enough, right? So, without further ado, we then summarize how to register for a Tiktok affiliate for beginners so you don’t take the wrong step.

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How to Register for TikTok Affiliate for Beginners

To become part of the tiktok affiliate, there are two ways you can choose:

As creators

1. Create a TikTok account as a creator

The first way to register for a TikTok affiliate as a creator is to create a TikTok account in creator mode. You need to create a personal tiktok account first. On the profile page, there is a creator tools option to change your profile mode.

2. Make a tiktok shop

After changing the mode to the creator, you will find the tiktok shop button. You can click the button to create a new business page. Here you can add products, product descriptions, and all things related to your sales later.

3. Enter the required information

The most important thing is that you need to enter various important information and documents such as ID cards and bank accounts. Make sure you enter the correct address and cellphone number for delivery purposes. You can use any bank account accepted by TikTok. Later you can withdraw commissions directly using the tiktok application.

As a seller

1. Create a TikTok account

Next is as a seller. To create a seller account, you need to enter via the website on the tiktok seller page. Then, you need to log in using the TikTok account that you created earlier.

2. Have a tiktok shop account

Before entering as a seller, make sure you already have a TikTok shop account. Because, later you will be asked to authorize the TikTok shop with the seller account. You don’t need to upload a lot of products if you haven’t started selling.

3. Prepare the necessary documents

Next, you need to enter the required information and documents. Make sure your cellphone number is active to receive various information from tiktok and buyers. You also need to enter an email address as a form of authorization or a backup plan in case you forget your password or username.

Apart from that, you only need to enter the necessary documents such as product photos, product descriptions, ID cards, bank accounts, and so on. In this way, you are ready to sell and do business with tiktok.

How to add affiliate products

After creating a tiktok account, we will also tell you about how to add affiliate products. You only need to follow these steps:

  1. Login to your tiktok account
  2. Open the shop section in the content section
  3. Click the e-commerce creator center menu
  4. Click I Agree and commissions
  5. Click add products
  6. Enter your name then click submit
  7. Click verify then press the add affiliate products button
  8. Waiting for approval from the seller

It’s easy, right? You can add many products according to your store type and get many benefits. After the process is successful, you can do promotions in the form of videos and then share them with all TikTok users. You can also market products through live broadcasts.

Benefits of Becoming a Tiktok Affiliate

Then, what are the advantages of being part of a tiktok affiliate? Apart from commissions and becoming famous, you can expand your reach and add to relationships with business people. As an influencer, you can also expand your network, and followers, and can promote more products. You will have the opportunity to meet other influencers and gain new knowledge

Another advantage is that you can work anytime and anywhere and this program does not interfere with your daily activities. You only need a cellphone and the tiktok application.

Easy Tips and Tricks for Selling on Tiktok

In order for your business to run easily, there are some tips and tricks that you can apply, namely:

  1. Focus on one niche to reach more users
  2. Use popular, frequently used hashtags
  3. In making videos, use trending audio to increase reach.
  4. Focusing on account insights to find out the origin, gender, and preferences of consumers.

Those are some ways to register for Tiktok affiliates for beginners and the benefits you will get from Tiktok. In order for your business to grow, you can also join other affiliate programs such as Shopee Affiliate and Lazada Affiliate. You will also meet other business owners and build relationships. Keep trying and good luck!