WhatsApp users must return to being careful and paying attention to their smartphones. The reason is now circulating again a new malware that can harm the user’s data.

This malware or malicious software was found in India under the name Daam. Daam should be suspected because it is said that it can hack and steal data from your smartphone.

The Daam malware on WhatsApp was first detected by an Indian Computer Emergency Response team called Cert-In. The cert-in stated that Daam could infiltrate the smartphone.

Apart from that, this dangerous malware on WhatsApp can also be used to use the user’s smartphone camera without the owner knowing.

Worse yet, he is said to be able to control the victim’s smartphone remotely. This is dangerous because the owner of the malware can hack the owner’s cell phone without being noticed at all.

Circulation of Daam can arise due to random application downloads on smartphones, especially for Android users.

Then there are several ways to stop this dangerous malware on WhatsApp.

Some of them are:

1. Don’t download random applications from third parties

2. Install trusted apps only from Google Play