Viral on social media is the latest fraud mode on WhatsApp by sending a  pdf format file, even though the content is an APK file. If you access it, fraudsters can access your account and drain the balance. In addition, these fraudsters can also steal your personal data.

Quoted from the Twitter account @laporkuofficial, the pdf files distributed by fraudsters are usually made in various forms, one of which is digital wedding invitations.

As a result, many people are complacent to open the file.

Here are ways and tips to avoid these scams.

1. You need to be vigilant when you receive any links that enter your personal account, whether via WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
2. You need to check smartphone security regularly such as updating software.
3. If you receive a suspicious command message, do not follow it.
4. Never open suspicious files or links that enter the cell phone.
5. You should avoid messages from unknown numbers.
6. You may not be tempted by gifts or the lure of certain messages.

That’s the way to avoid APK file mode fraud via WhatsApp. ***