Roleplay games (RP), which are busy on social media, are considered dangerous for children’s mental health. Recently, a video of a child being scolded by his parents for playing RP went viral on social media, especially TikTok.

RolePlay or RP is a role play that makes children act like their idols. Usually, children play South Korean actors or singers. Children who play RP must have social media accounts.

If a child likes a new singer, the child introduces their idol to their followers on social media.

Information about the new singer is spread through the RP account created.

Danger For Children

Psychiatrist dr. Vivisyarif explained the dangers behind the RP game that is rife on social media.

“Underage children can join in this game, they can play on Telegram, and WhatsApp groups, they participate in one group and end up playing a role, and unfortunately they can play the role of an adult who sends messages, so sexting or chatting with sex. , so it’s pretending to be like husband and wife,” said Dr. Vivisyarif.

In addition, the safety of children can be threatened because the real identity of the opponent invited to play RP is not known.

“Indeed, this is pretending, roleplay.  In the past, we also pretended to be fathers, mothers, dolls, and houses, but this is already dangerous because it involves other people whose identities we don’t know,” he said.

Anonymous identities on social media are considered to be a loophole for perpetrators of immoral crimes that target children.

“There could be elements of pedophilia, or elements of child predators, so parents ( parents )  be careful,” said Dr. Vivisyarif in uploads on his personal TikTok account.

Therefore, dr. Vivisyarif urged parents to be wiser in supervising children’s games.

“If the child finds out that he is actually playing this RP, parents must keep their emotions in check, don’t scold emotionally because it won’t have good consequences for the child. We have to find out how children can know this game,” he said.