Running is known to have a lot of benefits for your mind, body, and soul. One of those happy byproducts is improved confidence.

For men who carry a handgun as part of their job as plainclothes police detectives, security guards, or entrepreneurs in dangerous locales, dressing for concealed carry is a must. But how do you arrange good-looking clothing around the decidedly non-standard bulge of a firearm?

Increased Confidence

Studies have shown that running can improve self-confidence. Seeing the work you’ve put into your training helps you feel confident that you can handle whatever challenges come your way on a run. Seeing your progress can be motivating, especially when logged in a running diary or by other people like training partners and coaches. Even non-running friends and family members can help you develop confidence by believing in your abilities. Several cross-sectional studies found that runners have greater satisfaction, relief from tension and anxiety, mood, feelings of self-worth and confidence, aggression and anger, and less guardedness and defensiveness than non-runners. The right shirt can make all these benefits possible by concealing a weapon and holster without printing or restricting movement.

Increased Self-Defense

Aside from the self-confidence derived from previous accomplishments and good preparation, running with confidence requires a degree of awareness that can be enhanced by carrying a concealed firearm. Many civilians carry a firearm on their runs because they feel safer in this way. Concealed carry clothing for runners looks much like regular sports apparel, allowing the wearer to blend in while still being prepared in case of an attack.

As a side benefit, self-defence training also helps strengthen runners’ muscles and joints. The varied movements and strikes in the training help them develop all-around strength and improve their ability to overpower obstacles and potential attackers on their runs.

However, even a well-trained runner can become a target if they lose their sense of awareness while pounding the pavement. This is particularly true when running alone, making a person more vulnerable to attack. That’s why it’s essential to take a variety of routes, run with companions whenever possible, and use reflective gear like ReflecToes to keep others aware of a runner’s presence.

Increased Safety

Many dedicated concealed carriers struggle to find clothing that allows them to live up to the “concealed” part of their job title. They might cram their gun into a standard pair of jeans and drop a one-size-too-big shirt over it, but if they do, they’ll be uncomfortable all day. They’ll constantly pull their gun up, which isn’t a good way to run.

Purpose-designed concealed carry clothes address both of these issues. Concealed-carry shirts look like casual T-shirts or polo shirts, but they have carry pockets built into them that hide an IWB or OWB holster and make it easier to access your weapon when needed. The fabric isn’t so thick that it shows your gun’s outline, and it wicks away sweat to keep the firearm from getting snagged or scratched on clothing. Similarly, concealed-carry pants look just like regular pants but have built-in pockets for a holster that reduce printing and help your pistol stay in place.

Less Stress

Concealed carry clothing makes it easy to conceal a firearm without exposing its outline. This means that as long as you dress smartly and act calmly, you can slip past people without the possibility of them knowing you’re armed, crossing their minds.

Many concealed-carry clothing companies use looser fabrics than standard shirts and often use dark colours to help reduce the gun’s printing. The fabric also clings to the body, which helps prevent snags and scratches when you draw or holster your firearm.

Several studies have found that runners experience emotional benefits, such as increased happiness, confidence, and self-image, and relieved tension, aggression, and depression.