Chat Feature on Gojek, Gojek is a technology company providing application-based online motorcycle taxi (ojol) transportation services. In its application, Gojek provides various features, one of which is conversation or chat that can be carried out personally by fellow application users.

This personal conversation can be carried out if the sender and recipient of the message both use the Gojek application.

The personal conversation feature embedded in the Gojek application is currently being discussed by netizens. This is because the chat feature on it is used as a place to send and receive messages by cheating partners.

This was revealed by the news that one artist allegedly had an affair with his co-star. Surprisingly, they were caught sending messages to each other via the chat feature on it.

The chat feature on it still sounds foreign. Not a few, netizens just found out that Gojek provides this conversation feature. Usually, someone sends messages to each other through conversation applications such as WhatsApp.

So, how can fellow Gojek application users exchange messages with each other?

Here’s an explanation.

Reporting from the Gojek page, the personal conversation feature can be very easy to do. To do this, open the application on your cellphone. Then, click on Home and select the Chat feature.

Then, you can click (+) at the bottom right of the main chat page. Next, select a friend’s contact to start a new conversation.

In addition, you can also search for friends’ names through the search field or search bar.

After that, you can start sending messages to someone. You can even transfer GoPay balances, or send transfer requests to friends.

Not only that but in the new Chat feature embedded in the Gojek application, you can also create conversation groups. The group contains friends who have stored cell phone contacts and both use the Gojek application.

You can enjoy the chat feature on it by first making sure you have updated the Gojek application and that the internet network conditions are at 3G or 4G capacity.

Messages can be sent or received by other people whose cellphone numbers are stored in the phone book and both have the latest version of the application.