Experts from antivirus company Kaspersky warned of the risk of fraud in the new social media network, namely Threads.

Since its inception, it has been installed by more than 30 million users of the Meta service. The existence of this skyrocketing microblogging application seems to be an easy target for fraudsters.

Kaspersky security expert Olga Svistunova said that currently fraudsters already have tactics to carry out their actions via Threads.

“Scammers have mastered the art of exploiting trending topics. From fraud schemes to data collection tactics, these scammers go to great lengths to jeopardize your personal and financial security,” he said.

Olga said cybercriminals developed phishing pages that copied Threads into the web version.

Even though Threads itself is currently only available in the application version.

Fraud Mode

To take advantage of their victims, cybercriminals ask users to enter credentials to log in to Threads via the web.

Since Threads are linked to other Meta services, users may also run the risk of losing access to various social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Even more dangerous, if the user is a business owner, there is a greater possibility of material loss.

This is because businesses can fall into the hands of cyber criminals so that banking information used for trading can also be leaked.

Therefore, to protect themselves from fraud, Olga urges Threads users to be more careful and prioritize security measures in cyberspace.

“By remaining cautious amid the allure of trendy topics, we can strengthen our defenses and navigate the digital landscape with confidence,” said Olga.

Remember, the website version of Threads is not yet available, try to enter via an application that is downloaded via the official application distribution platform.