Soft washing is a gentle and efficient cleaning technique that cleans the exterior of your home without causing damage. It also helps eliminate unsightly growths like moss, mildew, and algae.

Unlike regular pressure washing, soft washing uses a lower stream of water and a cleaning solution that effectively removes contaminants. It can be used to clean the siding, roof, deck, fence, paving stones, and more of your building.

Increases Curb Appeal

Increasing your property’s curb appeal can make it easier to sell. Buyers will take notice of clean driveways and walkways, a manicured garden, and healthy bushes that are trimmed regularly.

Over time, all houses look shabby due to rainy weather and dirt that collects on surfaces. Regular exterior house cleaning will eliminate harmful contaminants and bacteria such as mildew, mold, and algae.

Soft washing uses a low stream of water and a specialized cleaning solution to saturate and penetrate surface pollutants. They are then rinsed away with a lower pressure, leaving your exterior surfaces clean and refreshed.

Reduces the Risk of Damage

Unsightly growths like mold, mildew, and algae do more than ruin the look of your home. They also weaken its structural integrity, shortening its lifespan and making it more susceptible to damage. With regular soft washing, however, these growths will be safely and effectively removed, leaving your home in good condition.

Soft washing uses a lower pressure stream and a biodegradable detergent to clean dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other organic matter from exterior surfaces without damaging them. It also kills the spores of these organisms, eliminating their growth and harmful effects on your home’s structure and health. Keeping the exterior of your home cleaned regularly prevents these growths from taking over, boosting curb appeal and protecting your property value.

Eliminates Mold and Algae

Most homeowners assume the black streaks or blotches of green on their roof, siding, deck, and pavers are dirt but are mold and mildew. Both can wreak havoc on the surface of your home, but more importantly, they are dangerous for you and your family.

The mold and algae spores on your house’s exterior surfaces can cause many health issues, including itchy eyes and throat, headaches, lung issues, and asthma. The soft washing process uses a biodegradable solution that destroys these organisms at their root, keeping your family healthy.

Unsightly growths of fungus, mildew, and mold not only degrade the appearance of your home but also shorten its lifespan. Soft washing eliminates these harmful deposits at the source, making your home look clean while extending its lifespan.

Extends the Life of Your Roof and Siding

Regularly cleaning your house exterior, including your roof and siding, is essential. Otherwise, dirt and mold will build up, causing damage and reducing their lifespans. Neglecting maintenance can result in costly repairs and replacements in the future.

Soft washing is more environmentally friendly than power or pressure washing, using less water and biodegradable solutions to destroy organisms. Regularly washing your roof and siding can increase their lifespan and maintain their beauty.

Reduces Your Water Bill

With soft washing, a lower-pressure stream cleans the surface of your home’s roof and siding with safe detergents. This combination lifts stains and dissolves bacteria, mildew, and algae.

Regular cleanings prevent dirt buildup and keep your home looking its best, boosting curb appeal.

Regular exterior soft washing makes a cost-efficient way to maintain your property. It’s eco-friendly, as well, and saves you money on expensive air conditioning costs in the summer. Plus, it’s safer than pressure washing because you don’t need to climb ladders or scaffolding.