Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or want to explore stones like sapphires and black diamonds, the quality of your stone is critical. Precise craftsmanship and high-grade tools are needed to precisely cut diamonds and other stones.


As a Denver jewelry company, we work hard to design distinctive yet classic diamond and bespoke fine jewelry that gives you the confidence to be you. The signature style is a nod to tradition that speaks to today’s trends.

Whether resetting a family emerald or designing an engagement ring, you can trust in the quality of our work. With the help of an on-staff graduate gemologist, you may choose a design, look over the CAD, and have a unique item made specifically for you.


When it comes to jewelry, most people have pieces sitting around that they no longer wear. It may have been a gift, an inheritance, or simply that the piece no longer suits their style. It may even be damaged or unusable.

Finding a trusted local Denver jeweler who will give you a fair market price for your unwanted or broken jewelry is important. You want to sell your jewelry to something other than a pawn shop or a local jeweler who buys jewelry from other jewelry stores and uses it for sale.

A reliable jewelry buyer will have a high level of technical industry skills, and they should always offer a fair current market rate for the items you are selling. The Denver diamond source team of expert gemologists can help you get the best value for unwanted or broken jewelry. They will examine your item in detail and create a price that accurately reflects its value.


When shopping for rings in Denver, it is important to consider the ring’s design. The ring’s metal band and the stone’s quality are critical elements in the ring’s design. For example, a low-quality metal band may bend or dent easily and crack under a large stone’s weight.

A trusted jeweler will offer you a variety of styles and stones to choose from, including sapphires and black diamonds. They will also help you select the best ring size for your partner.

graduate gemologist will guide you when choosing a custom jewelry piece at Denver diamond source. They will explain the technical industry terms, double- and triple-check designs, and deliver a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece that will be marked up differently than you would expect at a designer store. They use the latest technology to bring your vision to life. It includes viewing a 3D rendering of your ring on a 55-inch flat-screen TV and holding a wax model printed for you in your hands.


A Denver Jeweler’s service should be a combination of individualized attention and knowledge of the industry. The jewelry shop should also offer a wide selection of pieces. This way, you can find a piece that matches your style.

The highly-trained bespoke jewelers can guide their clients through selecting the perfect diamond.

When selling a diamond ring, you should know the four C’s of diamond quality – color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. However, it’s not always necessary to have a formal appraisal done. You can get a general idea of the value of your ring by visiting a few shops in your area and getting a range of opinions. However, beware of scams and pawnbrokers who buy a diamond for less than its value.