Elon Musk announced Twitter’s New Feature, namely audio-video calls without having to use a telephone number. This update is said to be a feature that rivals WhatsApp and Meta, made by Mark Zuckerberg.

“ I hope that this platform will bring you more joy and explanations,” said Elon Musk via his Twitter account @elonmusk, quoted Pikiran-Rakyat.com from Gearrice.

This tweet, which has been seen by 24.3 million viewers, is Elon Musk’s statement after announcing several new Twitter features.

In addition to audio-video calls, the new feature announced by Elon Musk is that Twitter will increase the video upload duration for paid users from a maximum of 60 minutes to two hours.

At first, these long-form videos could only be uploaded via the web, but now users can upload via the iOs application as well, with a maximum video quality of 1080p.

Will you compete with WhatsApp?

Twitter’s New Feature With the advantage of the audio-video call feature without the need for a telephone number, this convenience will become a tough competitor for other applications, namely WhatsApp.

As a conversational application with the most users in the world, which is around 2.45 billion users, WhatsApp has dominated the use of conversational applications in the world. But the technology that WhatsApp owns still relies on using a phone number for verification and user identity. This of course will be different from the new features from Twitter.

“ You will have voice and video chat with anyone on the platform, so you can talk to people anywhere in the world without giving out your phone number,” wrote Musk.

By not using the telephone number in the audio-video call feature on Twitter, the user’s telephone number will be protected and prevented from being misused. This will be a positive thing, especially for users who will make conversations abroad with numbers that are not recognized by other users.

Encrypted Messaging

Twitter will also implement encrypted messages in the DM ( Direct Message ) feature. This update will also be a breath of fresh air for Twitter users because the security of conversations via DM will be guaranteed.

Encrypted messages have already been implemented by the WhatsApp application which guarantees that only users of the conversation can access and view them. If Twitter will also implement this, it will certainly be a tough competitor for WhatsApp.

Will WhatsApp’s dominance be rivaled by Twitter? This depends on user acceptance and the policies of Twitter. Because, some time ago, many people wanted to leave Twitter following a new policy that was considered detrimental.