Men’s sex drive and libido often improve with testosterone therapy, as do energy levels and the ability to concentrate. Testosterone can also increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Testosterone therapy can be administered through injections, gels and patches. Many patients experience life-changing results, including better sex drive, increased muscle mass and leaner body weight.

Increased Energy

It’s a known fact that your testosterone levels affect libido, but it’s less well-known that increasing your testosterone can help boost your energy. This is especially true if you suffer from Low T symptoms like fatigue and irritability.

Testosterone replacement therapy can increase muscle mass, which raises your resting metabolism rate and burns calories even when you’re not exercising. This can also help you lose weight, decrease your risk for heart disease and slow (or even reverse) bone loss. Testosterone is administered in various ways, including injections, pills, pellets and gels. Testosterone clinic Denver doctors will recommend the best treatment for your needs and lifestyle. Most patients start with a transdermal gel applied to clean skin daily, usually around the same time each day.

Better Sleep

Sleep problems are one of the less-known effects of low testosterone, but they can be just as disruptive as other symptoms. Testosterone therapy helps with this issue because it increases red blood cell count, which allows more oxygen to reach your organs for restful sleep. It also reduces stress and depression, decreases cortisol, and improves mood, ensuring you are more relaxed and ready for a good night’s rest. The best way to know whether hormones are the root cause of your sleep problems is to speak with a practitioner specializing in TRT. A practitioner will conduct a thorough assessment and offer guidance to help you find the best solutions for your unique situation. They will also help you develop an individualized treatment plan to get you feeling like yourself again.

Better Sexual Performance

Men who use hormone therapy report improved sex drive and ability to achieve an erection. Testosterone is essential to the body because it promotes hematopoiesis, increases bone density and muscle mass, and enhances desire and sexual function. Men with low testosterone levels often experience symptoms like decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, and physical changes such as swollen breasts (gynecomastia). Using hormone replacement treatment, these issues are addressed. Those considering testosterone clinic therapy should be realistic and understand that the treatment won’t offer a fountain of youth or prevent diseases like heart disease or prostate cancer. However, promoting muscular growth and fat loss can slow aging and enhance overall quality of life.

More Muscle Mass

Testosterone is what makes men “men.” It’s responsible for myriad functions involving the male body, including facial hair and a deeper voice. It’s also responsible for fueling libido, erectile function and boosting muscle mass.

Test levels typically peak around age 19 and decline throughout adulthood in a process known as andropause. This may lead to a loss of muscle mass and reduced physical performance. Testosterone therapy can restore these levels to a healthier range, allowing you to reclaim your muscle mass and see the results of your workouts again. It can even decrease fat mass, which helps you maintain a lean physique. And it can increase bone density to slow or even reverse the aging process and help reduce your risk for conditions like osteoporosis.

Better Mental Health

Testosterone replacement therapy improves mood through various means, including balancing hormone levels and improving sleep. As a result, many men find that their anxiety symptoms reduce and their emotional stability increases.

In addition, a positive change in mood is often accompanied by improved cognition and a stronger inner strength that can help you tackle any challenge that life throws your way. Often, these changes can occur within the first few weeks of TRT.