Viral information about new cell phones is shared on social media. It is stated that if it turns out that cell phones that have not been paid off can be blocked at any time.

This viral information was shared by the Instagram account @0tk0il on Sunday, July 9, 2023. In the photo, he shared a cellphone display that was blocked because the user allegedly did not pay off the cellphone payment.

Netizens suddenly questioned this new policy. Many of them don’t know that if the cellphone hasn’t been paid off, it turns out that it can get blocked.

What are the full details like?

In the photo shared by the Twitter account @0tk0il, it can be seen that there is a Samsung cell phone that allegedly cannot be used. The cellphone looks locked with a notification regarding the reason for locking the cellphone.

It was explained that it turned out that the HP was blocked because the user had not paid off the HP installment payments.

Above the notification, there is the name of the company suspected of blocking it. The blocking was carried out by PT Samsung Electronics.

“Your cellphone was locked because you were late in paying your installments. In order for your cellphone to be used again, please pay the bill listed on your Samsung Finance+ application,” said the announcement.

Then there is a button that is used to refer to the Samsung Finance application.