Viral Link WA Me Setting, Circulatingviral information regarding the WA Me Setting link which reportedly causes the WhatsApp messaging application to become an error. This link circulates on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and others.

At first, the WA Me Setting link will work when it is entered into the chat column in the WhatsApp application. When someone clicks on the link, it is reported that the WhatsApp users will immediately experience an error.

The type of error experienced by users after clicking on the WA Me Settings link varies. There was a user who complained that WA immediately moved slowly. Other users also experience interference with the application being unable to send messages anymore.

But don’t worry, now there are 3 easy tips to fix the damage caused by the Viral Link WA Me Setting in the WhatsApp application. These 3 tips can be carried out without the need for help from other people. Like how?

The 3 fastest and easiest ways to fix damage caused by the WA Me Settings link are:

1. Enter WhatsApp Web (the WhatsApp application that can be opened on a computer/laptop) via the
2. Delete the message which is the origin of the problem with the WA Me Settings link

3. Return to the application on your device. See if the application is running smoothly again.

Regarding the damage to the WA Me Settings link, WhatsApp still hasn’t responded.