WhatsApp (WA) users all over the world complained that the messaging application could not be connected this morning Thursday, July 20, 2023.

Many WA users admit that the WhatsApp error cannot be used to send messages, make calls, or video calls.

“WA error today at 03.30,” wrote one Twitter user.

Until this news was released, it was not known what caused the WA error. The Meta company application also has not provided an official statement.

How to check to overcome the WA error

1. Check Connections

The first step you can take is to check the internet connection. Make sure the internet connection goes well. A bad signal can cause the WA connection to be interrupted. To ensure an internet connection, try opening a browser on your phone or other device. If the activity of loading pages takes a long time, then it is certain that the internet connection is bad.

2. Check if WhatsApp is Down

Another cause of the WA error is a problem with the WA system center. This problem certainly makes the WA error as a whole for all users. An easy way to see if WhatsApp is down is to try using the app on a laptop or find out via social media. If there really is interference, then it’s a sign that you have to be patiently waiting for the WhatsApp system to be restored.

3. Clear Cache

One way to deal with the next WA error is to clear the cache in your cellphone settings. Chances are, the data on your WA is full so it affects the operating system. The cache is data stored temporarily in the application. Removing it will lighten the burden on the phone and the application. Unfortunately, if you clear the cache, it is possible that the history or data in the previous WA will be deleted automatically.